Who We Are

I am a U.S. Navy veteran & registered nurse.

My husband is a U.S. Army veteran & field technician 

Our daughter is a loving, 100 mph going ball of energy

At three years of age I thought I was going to be a dinosaur when I grew up. In 5th grade I wanted to be a marine biologist. In high school I had decided on graphic design…. I never thought farming would be the life I would choose, but here I am today. I guess you can say it runs in my blood. My mother grew up on a farm in middle of Iowa, and I grew up visiting that very farm. 

After living in Europe for a year I moved back to America and began my journey in nursing. Throughout nursing school we are taught about the proper nutrition needed for growth and development, as well as ways to stay healthy/become healthier. It was then that I decided that I needed to grow a garden for my family. Almost everything I pick up in the grocery store is genetically modified, and that was something I did not want for my family. I also did not want to pay outrageous prices for organic food. 

So I began to grow our organic garden this year in raised garden beds my husband made. Being renters, we are making everything non-permanent, so we may take it all with us when we move to our forever home. We have already had many learning experiences, and its only the beginning of Spring!

Growing pesticide free, and au natural required a source to combat the bugs. After much deliberation, we adopted three ducks from Craigslist and then I caught the bug. Our three fluff-balls were not enough, and the following weekend I went out and bought some adorable chicks to add to our garden pest control team.

We live by the ocean in Southeastern Virginia, and when not in our creek side backyard, you will find us exploring or fishing.

Thanks for stopping by!!

-K & M

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