Got Bitten by the Bug…

…. poultry bug that is! It all started with those 3 ducklings..

I know, I know, ducklings aren’t poultry, they’re waterfowl, but you get the point right? 

Here they are looking all cute…
Not even a week later I showed up to our local Ace Hardware and picked up these gals.  

I don’t even know what possessed me to pick up more mouths to feed. 

All week I was searching Facebook Marketplace and our local Craigslist for more birds to add to our backyard. 

I don’t even like birds… they are messy and all they do is poop and eat. 

Yeah you counted right, there’s 6 of ’em

Reading the backyard poultry forums you see the mentioning of “chicken math”. It sounds hilarious I know, but it’s really a thing. See I got 3 ducklings 🦆, then 6 chicks 🐥, followed by 9 duck hatching eggs. 

All I wanted was 3 hens for the backyard, but around here the stores have to sell them in groups of 6 or more. 

Due to our city’s ordinance on backyard chickens we cannot get anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about more! Haha!

Have you caught the bug? How many pets do you have? Does your city allow backyard poultry or waterfowl? 


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