Duck, Duck, Duck

Monday we drove down to North Carolina and picked up some fertilized Ancona duck eggs from a friend made in one of the numerous backyard waterfowl/ poultry Facebook groups in our area.

Needless to say we are very egg-cited for this educational adventure to begin in our household! MJ can hardly contain herself and checks on them a handful of times a day.

Timing had worked out perfectly in our favor, and on Wednesday our 2nd batch of fertilized eggs arrived via mail from Nantahala Farm & Garden (also located in North Carolina). Ms. Nancy genuinely cares about her livestock, and is readily available to answer any questions you have about the breed, or ducks in general.

Eeek! They are here!!!

Ms. Nancy does a wonderful job packaging up her eggs safely.


2 Blue-green eggs!!!! They are SO pretty!!!


Each egg got a letter and number on it to correspond with which person they came from. That way once hatched we can give away a duckling to our friend in N.C. as a thank you for their eggs. 😀  Once labeled they all found their spot in the incubator.

We purchased our incubator from a local Tractor Supply, and although I really wanted a Brinsea, they were just too expensive for our household. We decided to go with the Farm Innovators Pro Series which was more reasonable in price range, as well as amenities (a.k.a I really wanted an automatic egg turner). The only issue we found is that the temperature is actually 1°F lower than the thermostat reads, which is easily corrected by adjusting the desired temperature on the control panel.

If you are looking for a wonderful experiment for you children as you grow your homestead I highly recommend hatching your own poultry or waterfowl. Just like with any other pet or animal you bring home, make sure you do your research. I will attach some links below once again!

Be on the lookout for updates!!



Nantahala Farm and Garden :

If you are looking for more information on the Ancona Breed check out:

The Livestock Conservancy : Ancona Duck Breed


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