National Pet Day

Every once in a while a dog comes into your life and changes everything .

This statement could not be more true than in our own household.

It’s funny how small changes can impact your life for the better and for the worst. We got our dog Teagan when she was young almost 8 years ago. Due to bad breeding she was extremely skittish and did not like anybody but myself.

When I got Teagan it was in hopes that she would be an excellent family dog for the day that I did have a family and have children. Unfortunately that was not quite what God had in store for me. I socialized Teaghan with other dogs, with other cats, goats, you name it and all those animals were fine. But when I attempted to socialize her with other humans things started going downhill. It didn’t matter how many times I tried.

Looking at these pictures you’d never know that Teagan suffers from extreme stranger anxiety. She avoids the strangers like the plague and cowers/hides behind me whenever we have strangers at our home. This anxiety is even worse when men are around.

In August 2016 we moved into a new home and with that move came a new personality change in our dog. I’m not sure if it was just a change of environment that she needed, or if she could just feel like positive change was needed in our families lives.

Teaghan has done almost a complete 180° change in her life and our family could not be more excited for this. She has grown attached to our daughter and even lets my husband pet her.

Even if her personality never changes again we still love her, and are very happy to call her our dog. She is sweet, smart, talented and super curious about our chickens.

Teaghan wishes all the pets in the U.S. A very merry national pet day!

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